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National Register of Health Service
Providers in Psychology


August 28, 2006

Judy E. Hall, Ph.D., Executive Officer
202-783-7663 or
[email protected]

Maureen King, Ph.D.
Credentialed Health Service
Provider in Psychology

Washington, D.C.--- The National Register of Health Service Providers in Psycholgy is pleased to announce that Maureen King, Ph.D. is now nationally recognized as a health service provider in psychology. Dr. King was granted this credential on 8/25/2006.

Since 1974, the National Register has reviewed the education and training of psychologists to identify those who meet its national standards* as health service providers. More than 12,000 psychologists nationwide are currently recognized, and listings can be verified through the National Register's Online Searchable Database at .

The National Register requires primary source verification of education, training, licensure and adherence to professional ethical standards, making it a unique resource for use in credentialing of providers. In a nod to its high standards, developed and carefully maintained for over 20 years, criteria used by the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology have been adopted by numerous state licensing boards, government agencies, private insurers, and managed care organizations (MCOs) across the U.S. For instance, the state of Wisconsin requires listing with the National Register for reimbursement by third party payers.

Because most states issue only general licenses to psychologists from the various psychological disciplines, the National Register credential is an important tool for customers to identify appropriate providers of psychological services. "By identifying psychologists with education and training in direct, preventive, assessment, and therapeutic services, we provide the public, the profession and the health care industry with a unique resource to locate qualified providers," explains Judy E. Hall, Ph.D., Executive Officer of the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology and former head of licensing for the state of New York.

* Available upon request

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